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What is the Exclusive Partner Program?
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The Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) is offered in partnership by TELUS and an employer to offer their employees discounts on their monthly mobility and home service accounts. 


Enjoy exclusive savings on the latest devices and on unlimited rate plans based on where you work.


Who is eligible for an EPP offer?

 Active employees, or members, of TELUS-qualified organizations with the following conditions:



  • TELUS Customers must have completed their contract on their existing consumer, or business contract before conversion is permitted.
  • If you have more than three months left on your existing agreement you will have to pay out the remaining device balance on your contract before you can migrate to the new plans.  
  • TELUS will assess a total one-time $50 fee when migrating multiple lines to EPP within the same day. Migrating additional lines at a later date will incur an additional one-time $50 migration fee
  • In order to move from a previous or discounted Your Choice plan to the Unlimited plan you must have less than 2 months remaining in your current agreement. If you are not less than 2 months you must pay out the remaining device balance on your current contract.
  • New Telus mobility customers who are active employees/members



Contact our dedicated team at 1-877-537-9961 or check if you qualify Online where we have a chat option available. 

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