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Transfer your number to TELUS
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Keep your SIM card and number active with your previous provider until you complete the transfer.


Use MyTELUS to request a number transfer:
1. Log into MyTELUS or register at
2. Go to Plans & Devices and select the subscriber number you want to change
3. Select Manage your phone number
4. Select Transfer your number
5. Enter the number you want to transfer and all the required details
6. You will receive a text from your previous service provider in a few minutes. Respond to the text to confirm the transfer within 90 minutes.

If you requested a phone number transfer when you ordered and replied to the security message:

  1. Call 1-877-868-3587 from the number you want to transfer
  2. Select option 2

Your number will be automatically transferred.


For more help, please visit Transfer your number Page 

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